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Have Pencil, Will Draw


Have Pencil, Will Draw


About Me

My name is Rebecca Gunter, and for 4 years I've freelanced in Tallahassee, FL working to earn a place in the comic industry.

During my time freelancing I've worked every kind of art job imaginable, but most dear to me have been freelance comic projects. I consistently produce 23-24 pages in varied styles every month, totaling nearly 600 pages to date.

Someday I hope someday to earn a good old-fashioned mortgage-paying wage as a comic artist! Thank you for stopping by.

Current Webcomics

Anathema 2007-Ongoing (Written by Philip Bourque)
Amya 2009-Ongoing (Written by Savannah McIntyre)
Solar Salvage 2010-Ongoing (Written by Nathan Bamford and James Joule)

Short/Offline Comics

▪ The Light of Versailles 2008-2010 (Written by Noor al Nasr, On hiatus after 50 pages)
▪ Means of Production 1 - Vitriol (Written by Sigrid Ellis, 4-page short)
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